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Want to learn more about Jeanie's Journeys? Read about our staff & see why Jeanie's Journeys is the best Twin Cities tour operating company to travel with.

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CrossPoint Tours | Minnesota based Tour Operator
Jeanie Johnston

Owner/Travel Expert


M-F 9am-5pm

Jeanie is the creative genius behind Jeanie's Journeys. She has traveled the world as a Flight Attendant and Tour Director.  

About 10 years ago, Jeanie realized that most group tours currently operating were just cookie cutter tours ~ they all seemed to be the same. They were also incredibly expensive. In response, Jeanie founded CrossPoint Tours, working out of the Youth Director's office at her church! She began designing amazingly fun, unique and affordable tours. As her business began to take off, she moved out of the church building and re-branded her company as Jeanie's Journeys. Jeanie designs all of her tours, not working with a middle man, so all of her tours are very affordable.....and with Jeanie as the Tour Director, all the tours are super fun! 

Favorite Place traveled to: Venice, Italy

Favorite Food: Green Olives

CrossPoint Tours | Minnesota based Tour Operator
Dave Johnston

Sales Manager

Coming Soon

CrossPoint Tours | Minnesota based Tour Operator
Holly Reese

Marketing Coordinator & Billing

Coming Soon

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