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Jeanie's Journeys Minnesota group Travel


Have questions about Jeanie's Journeys? Check below to see if we can answer them.

Jeanie's Journeys Minneapolis Travel

Where do you offer pick up?

If there are groups of 8 or more, We will pick up at many community centers. The community center with the majority of people signed up will be the pick-up location. Jeanie's Journeys will try to have a pickup location in the North and South ends of The Twin Cities. These locations will have free parking.


For tours involving a flight that begins at the airport, Jeanie's Journeys can arrange for you to be picked up at home or at a community center for an extra fee. Otherwise, you would meet a Jeanie's Journeys representative at the airport.


Travelers Needing Special Assistance

You must report any disability requiring special attention to Jeanie’s Journeys at the time the reservation is made.* Jeanie’s Journeys will make reasonable efforts to accommodate the special needs of tour participants. Such participants, however, should be aware that the Americans with Disabilities Act is inapplicable outside of the United States and facilities outside the United States for disabled individuals are limited. It is strongly recommended that persons requiring assistance be accompanied by a companion who is capable of and totally responsible for providing the assistance. Neither Jeanie’s Journeys nor its personnel, nor its suppliers, may physically lift or assist clients into transportation vehicles. If a traveler thinks he or she might need assistance during a trip, he or she should call Jeanie’s Journeys to determine what assistance might reasonably be given. Jeanie’s Journeys cannot provide special individual assistance to tour members with special needs for walking, dining, airport assistance or other routine activities. 

*To request a wheelchair accessible room on a cruise, the traveler or person sharing the room must have a recognized disability that alters a major life function and requires the use of a mobility device and the use of the accessible features provided in the wheelchair accessible stateroom.

What is your cancellation policy?

We are in process of updating our cancellation policies for ALL tours unless otherwise noted on tour itinerary. This becomes effective for all people signing up for tours on or after September 9, 2020. 

This policy is for any traveler who does NOT opt to purchase a form of travel insurance to protect their investment. If travel insurance is purchased, a claim will need to be filed with insurance company to be refunded. See insurance policy for specific details & acceptable reasons for filing a claim.


Cancel 90 days before departure date| 75% refund of monies paid after initial deposit

Cancel 60 days before departure date| 50% refund of monies paid after initial deposit

Cancel 30 days before departure date| 25% refund of monies paid after initial deposit

Cancel anything less than 30 days before departure date| no refund of monies paid after initial deposit

Travel insurance cost is NOT refundable. Once the plan is purchased, the amount paid is not refundable for any reason.


If you have an emergency or other related issue that causes you to cancel travel but did not purchase travel insurance, please call Jeanie to discuss options.

Deposits are refundable, however this does not mean that you can only pay deposit and not make any payments on your tour. All cancellations must be in writing and received at least 10 days before departure date. You may call to let us know you are cancelling but we also require them to be made in writing.

Why should I travel in a group?

Consider the environment

Seeing the world responsibly also means leaving the beauty intact for the next visitors. Today’s motor coaches are both fuel efficient and environmentally-sound. On a per passenger basis, a modern motorcoach is among the cleanest modes of transportation in the world.


Socialize with friends
There’s no better way to meet new acquaintances or to enjoy the company of old friends than the adventures of traveling together.


Save money
Traveling in a group is the most economical way to travel. You’ll be surprised to find that luxury doesn’t come at a high price on today’s tours. In most cases, the shared expense of a traveling together will be far less than other modes of public transportation and even less than private autos.


In a group, we watch out for each other. This is especially important if you are traveling as a single person. There is safety in numbers!

Why do you need my email on registration form?

We ask for your email on registration forms in order to communicate information about your tour, send info about any pre-trip meetings  & anything about your tour. We NEVER sell your email address or send you junk mail. 

If you want to receive emails about upcoming tours from Jeanie's Journeys you can sign up for our mailing list. We never fill you box with tons of junk mail.


Trip Protection 

Please see plan documents or bottom of homepage

Don't see your question? Give us a call, we'll be happy to answer.

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