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Growing up in Richfield, Dave Johnston is a lifelong Minnesotan.

Married to Jeanie since 1980, they have raised two married children & are enjoying time with their two grandchildren, now calling the Dayton’s Bluff neighborhood home with their two cats.


Having served for 42 years as a pastor in churches throughout the Twin Cities Metro & outstate Minnesota, Dave is no stranger to public speaking. Presenting exciting & informative StoryLectures, Dave strives to make historical presentations accessible, understandable & compelling for all audiences. A far cry from the dry, dull lectures many are used to. Dave makes history come alive, bringing life & energy to the subjects & people he portrays.


Dave has been teaching history to senior groups in local community centers for 20 years and has taught seniors at Augsburg College & College of the Third Age & SMSU Gold College in Marshall, MN.


He graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor’s degree in history & from Bethel Theological Seminary with a Master’s degree in Divinity. Currently Dave is completing his Doctoral degree from United Theological Seminary of St. Paul.


Feb. 22 @ 10 AM ~ Abe Lincoln ~ Maple Grove Community Center

Mar. 8 @ 10 AM ~ Eleanor Roosevelt ~ Maple Grove Community Center

Mar. 13 @ 1 PM ~ George Washington ~ Shoreview Community Center

Apr. 10 @ 7 PM ~ 1st MN Vol. at Gettysburg ~ Zion Lutheran Church Anoka 

Apr. 12 @ 10 AM ~ 1st MN Vol. at Gettysburg ~ Maple Grove Community Center

May 24 @ 10 AM ~ Alexander Hamilton ~ Maple Grove Community Center 

June 28 @ 10 AM ~ Benjamin Franklin ~ Maple Grove Community Center

July 26 @ 10 AM ~ Thomas Jefferson ~ Maple Grove Community Center

Aug. 9 @ 10 AM ~ John Adams ~ Maple Grove Community Center


Traveling Professor George Wash.jpg

George Washington

The irreplaceable man who was “first in peace; first in war; and first the hearts of his countrymen!” Washington served as the Commanding General of the Continental Army during the American Revolution, the President of the Constitutional Convention, and two terms as the first President of the United States. Because of his personal stamina, commitment and integrity he rightly earned the title: ‘Father of our Nation’.

Traveling Professor Thomas J.jpg

Thomas Jefferson

On the committee tasked with writing the Declaration of Independence in June 1776, and was selected by the committee to author the document. Following the Revolutionary War, he served in the important position of Ambassador to France, our key ally during the War. Also, Jefferson served in Washington’s cabinet as the first U.S. Secretary of State and he served as the third President of the U.S., and he is often called ‘The Father of Democracy’.

Traveling Professor Ulysses.jpg

Ulysses S. Grant

Rising through the ranks of the Union Army by his military genius and bulldog tenacity to become the Commanding General of all Union forces during the Civil War. He then went on to serve two terms as U.S. President following the war. In many ways Grants legacy was stolen by revisionist historians in the South following the Civil War somehow elected General Lee to a place of preeminence above Grant. In recent years this tragic historical interpretation has been upended and Grant ha one again taken his place as the hero of the Civil War and the great man and leader that he truly was.

Traveling Professor Alexander Ham.jpg

Alexander Hamilton

Washington’s right-hand man & personal secretary/aide-de-camp during the Revolutionary War. He was a key contributor to the Constitutional Convention and the writing of the U.S. Constitution. Also, Hamilton served as the first U.S. Secretary of the Treasury in Washington’s first cabinet and designed, promoted and passed through the U.S. Congress the foundational institutions that established the American financial, banking and economic system.

Traveling Professor John Adams.jpg

John Adams

One of the key men who sparked the American Revolution while serving in the Continental Congress by his passionate pleas for action against England and his early support of Washington as the Commander in Chief of the Continental Army. Also, Adams served as the first Vice President under Washington and served as the second President of the United States.

Traveling Professor First Minnesota.jpg

1st MN Volunteers

The most famous regiment of soldiers to ever come out of Minnesota is the 1st MN Volunteers who were actually the very first infantry regiment to be volunteered for duty in the Civil War in April 1861 by Governor Ramsey. Besides serving with honor at First Bull Run (1861) and at Antietam (1862), they saved the day by their famous charge on July 2, 1863 at the Battle of Gettysburg. As Minnesotans we celebrate the soldiers of the 1st MN Vol. Regiment that we might never forget the courage and sacrifice of these brave men who saved the day on July 2, 1863 and possibly saved our Union!

Traveling Professor Ben.jpg

Benjamin Franklin

Inventor and philosopher who is considered by many to be one of the greatest minds of the 18th century. Franklin’s key contribution to the Revolutionary War was his service as the Ambassador to France and his diplomatic skill in getting the French to agree to a treaty of defense with the fledgling United States. His efforts ultimately led to the stunning victory of the Continental Army at Yorktown in October 1781 when the French fleet showed up and trapped Cornwallis and the British Army leading directly to England’s ultimate defeat in the War.

Traveling Professor Abraham Li.jpg

Abraham Lincoln

Self-educated man who came from rural Kentucky roots and rose to become one of our most popular and beloved presidents who led our nation through the challenging years of the Civil War. This story/lecture will take Lincoln’s humble origins through his years as a circuit riding lawyer and his victory as the first U.S. President of the Republican party in 1860. We will focus on his hands on approach to the Civil War and his untimely death at the hands of an assassin.


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Teddy Roosevelt |    Franklin Roosevelt |    Eleanor Roosevelt |   Harry Truman |   The Story of the American Revolution

The Story of the American Civil War |    The Greatest Founding Mothers of the American Revolution |   The Greatest First Ladies

David has many other Story|Lectures that he has given over the years and is available to speak on a variety of historical topics and people. Please contact him if you have a topic/person that you would like him to speak on.


Call 763-439-6838      or    Email:

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